About the hall

Worton & Marston Village Hall was built in 1911 and was funded partly through donations from people living in the parish. It was originally known as the Library Hall, for the remainder of the money was donated by Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American who publically promoted the importance of England’s public libraries.  It became a charity in 1972 and is registered under the name Library Hall with the Charity Commission.

The Hall has retained its striking black and white timber and render external appearance and is a characterful building situated at the western approach to the village of Worton.  The kitchen was replaced in 2010 and the main hall internally redecorated by volunteers from Amey in 2012.

The Hall serves both parishes of Worton & Marston.  There are a number of local groups & businesses using the Hall on a regular basis including:  Rainbows, Brownies, Toddlers, Dog Training, Martial Arts, WI, Ladies Group, Gardening Club.  In addition it is used as a Polling Station for local & general elections.    

It is a member of the
Wiltshire Village Halls Association.   

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2016/17 annual report & accounts